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Dr. Cindy Duke is a Hopkins & Yale trained Physician, Virologist, Blogger, Influencer & Clinical Assistant Professor.,


  • Heartfelt Beginnings

    Heartfelt Beginnings

    Founder: Amanda Osowski | Chicago-based infertility & postpartum doula | | IG: @heartfeltbeginnings | Facebook: Heartfelt Beginnings

  • Athena Dixon

    Athena Dixon

    Author of The Incredible Shrinking Woman (Split/Lip Press 2020). Author of No God In This Room (Argus House Press 2018). Philadelphia.

  • Janelle Laveau Syms

    Janelle Laveau Syms

  • Carol Mason

    Carol Mason

  • Gulshan Singh

    Gulshan Singh

    Freelance writer & photographer | Harvard University

  • Anju


  • Camellia


    I’m an autistic artists' & occasional fine art photographic model with some training in fine art, fashion & couture millinery. I make one of a kind garments.

  • Jopy Plotria

    Jopy Plotria

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