Does Everyone Really Display COVID-19 Symptoms

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As of March 26, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) recorded 416,686 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 18,589 confirmed deaths and 197 countries, areas and territories with cases.

Does everyone display symptoms when they get infected with Coronavirus?

Not everyone with the infection will display symptoms immediately or ever. COVID-19 takes about three to five days and up to fourteen days, after exposure, before the appearance of symptoms. However, I need to emphasize that there are actually many people who can shed the virus 24–48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms and to the majority of those who are infected, they will shed the virus without any symptoms.

Should I be worried?

With the rapid spread of coronavirus/COVID-19, we can’t keep anyone from worrying or even questioning whether they are at risk. Everyone is considered to be at risk of contracting the virus but specific groups of people are especially at high risk and this includes people over 60 years old but also those who are younger and have underlying medical conditions.

In the video below, Dr. Cindy Duke shares “What are the common symptoms of COVID-19?”

Find out what she has to say!

Coronavirus is a virus that can cause infections. Question is, how do we know if we are infected?

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Dr. Cindy Duke is a Hopkins & Yale trained Physician, Virologist, Blogger, Influencer & Clinical Assistant Professor.,

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